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We refer to the publishing division of Nordmeyer, LLC, as NordyBooks because of our web address. Nordmeyer, LLC, was formed when Herb Nordmeyer retired from corporate life in January, 2010, and concentrated on doing the things he felt were important.

He consults concerning cement, pozzolan, stucco, mortar, green construction, and straw bale construction. He has not gotten around to setting up a consulting web-site.

He operated Texas Nature Kayaking and took people on short adventures and on wilderness kayak camping trips. With spending more time in Haiti, the kayaking portion of his business had been put on hold.

When Herb left corporate life, he had 44 writing projects on his to-do list. There are devotion booklets, there are animal stories with life lessons, and there are construction books. All were to be written with his sense of humor running through them. NordyBooks.com was set up to publicize books that Herb has been involved with. Book categories include:


Initially four volumes related to stucco were anticipated, The Stucco Book – The Basics, the Stucco Book – Forensics and Repairs, The Stucco Book – Creative Stuccoing, and The Stucco Book – DIY Stuccoing. With work in Haiti, only the first has been published (February 2012) and each of the others is still in an early draft form. It is quite possible that those in early draft will not ever be completed.

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Homes for Jubilee was translated to Kay pou Jubilee. Quality Concrete from Crap was translated to Kalite Beton Kaka.

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Grandpa, Help! Answers to questions a young lady would never ask her parents and Grandpa Helps Grandparents – The Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting with Love were the result of conversation between Herb and young ladies who adopted him as their Grandpa.

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Life Lessons

Animls I Have Hated – Howl-arious Life Lessons Taught by Animals started out with stories Herb’s mother told with life lessons attached and continued with stories of animals Herb met and learned from.

Tales of Leviathan by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Mueller was published in March of 2012. It is a group of stories about a small-town pastor. Each story teaches a life lesson.

Failing My Way to Success – How a Young Man Who Was Written Off by His Teachers Surprised Even Himself – Vol. 1 is the story of Herb’s constant failures and how he learned from them and used them for future successes. If Herb lives long enough, there will be 7 or 8 volumes in the series.

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Herb wrote devotions and later headed up the devotion writing ministry for his church until his time in Haiti interfered with that. With no one to take over the job, the ministry died. Those 15 years’ worth of devotions are archived and at some future time may be collected into book form.

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A devotion booklet for people with cancer and their families and a guide for living with cancer.

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Failing My Way to Success – How a Young Man Who Was Written Off by His Teachers Surprised Even Himself – Vol. 2 has been drafted. We are aiming to publish in September 2019.

Failing My Way to Success – How a Young Man Who Was Written Off by His Teachers Surprised Even Himself – Vol. 3 has been outlined. We are aiming to publish in May 2020.

The Stucco Book – DIY Stuccoing – There has been more interest in this book than in the other stucco books, so we are hoping to get it out of the early draft stage and into publication by sometime in 2021.

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On Hold

Nature Kayaking – With the interest that has been shown in Herb’s Texas Nature Kayaking Guides, he is being pushed to put Nature Kayaking in front of several other titles he is working on and publish it in late 2022.

Stories My Father Told – It has been outlined, and there are many notes, but no work is being done on it at the moment. Maybe 2023.

Faux Green/Real Green – There are many claims for products being green that are no more green than the hot air that some marketing people blow. The book points out some of the humorous claims that have been made and helps you ask the right questions before you are taken in. Maybe in 2024.

A Corporate Book of Stories – confirms that the cartoon strip Dilbert is accurate. Maybe never.

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Herb’s Bio

Herb Nordmeyer is considered by many to be a world-class expert in parts of the construction field. He is also an accomplished storyteller. So his bio is not boring and it shows that his stories will make you laugh even as they tug at your heartstrings.

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