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We refer to the publishing division of Nordmeyer,LLC, as NordyBooks because of our web address.   Nordmeyer, LLC, was formed when Herb Nordmeyer retired from corporate life in January, 2010, and concentrated on doing the things he felt were important.

He consults concerning cement, pozzolan, stucco, mortar, green construction, and straw bale construction.  He has not gotten around to setting up a consulting website.

He operated Texas Nature Kayaking and took people on short adventures and on wilderness kayak camping trips. With spending more time in Haiti, the kayaking portion of his business had been put on hold.

He writes.  When he left corporate life, he had 44 writing projects on his to-do list.   There are devotion booklets, there are animal stories with life lessons, and there are construction books.  All are written with his sense of humor running through them.  Nordy Books was formed to publicize books that Herb has been involved with.  Book categories include:

Cancer – Booklets for people with cancer and their families. Click on the Cancer tab to learn more and to download them.

Devotions – Working with Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio, he headed up the devotion writing ministry until his time in Haiti interfered with that. With no one to take over the job, the ministry died. At a future point, he anticipates collecting many of the devotions into book form.

Life LessonsAnimals I Have Hated is the first of several books of stories that teach life lessons.  It was published in   March, 2012.   Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com will have it available.   Click on the Animals tab to learn more about the book.

If you would like to arrange for Herb to make a presentation to your group about



grandparenting, or

life lessons,

go to the Contact page and send us an email.

You can buy books directly from us, but with our traveling schedule, you will get your book much sooner if you order it from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble.

Stucco – Three volumes of everything you ever wanted to know about stucco but were too bored to ask.  The Stucco Book – The Basics was published in February, 2012. Amazon.com or and Barnes & Noble.com have it on their website. Mortar Sprayer.com also has it. During a recent quality check, a person needed to search for The Stucco Book on Amazon to find it.  Stucco did not bring the book up.  Their search algorithm, hopefully, will be updated soon.  Click on the Stucco tab to learn more about the book.

If you would like to arrange for Herb to make a presentation to your group, go to the Contact page and send us an email. You can buy directly from us, but with our traveling schedule, you will get your book sooner if you order it from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble.

Tales of Leviathan by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Mueller was published in March of 2012. It is a group of stories about a small town pastor.  Each story teaches a life lesson. All profits from this project go to support mission projects at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.  The preferred way to obtain an autographed copy is to go to Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio and obtain a free copy for a suggested donation of $15.00.

The book can also be purchased from Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com. Not as much money goes to mission projects since there are expenses from selling through these outlets, but they usually have the book available at a discount and can arranged for a quick delivery.

These books will be followed by a number of other books. Since September, 2013, much of his time has been taken up with work in Haiti where he is involved in teaching people in one of the worst slums in Haiti to build their own disaster-resistant homes. In June 2016, he published Homes for Jubilee. The Haitian Creole version, Kay pou Jubilee,  was published in August, 2016.  Quality Concrete from Crap is a book about making quality concrete when the raw materials are less than ideal. It was published in December, 2017. As of Feb., 2018, the Haitian Creole edition is about half complete. If you want to learn more about that project go to the HelpHaitiBuild website. We admit that website is out of date, but it serves as a parking place for reports.

The Stucco Book – Forensics and Repairs is now planned for 2019, and  The Stucco Book – Creative Stuccoing in 2020.  To learn a little about why Herb believes he can write three volumes concerning stucco, check out what was written about him on the Mortar Sprayer website.

He is working on a book concerning Adhered Masonry Veneer which is over half completed.

In 2013, Herb and two of his granddaughters published the e-book, Grandpa, Help! Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents. It and a print version are available from Amazon.

Grandpa Helps Grandparents with Sylvia Scheid came out shortly there after and is available from Amazon.

Faux Green/Real Green has been put on hold due to many other pressing projects.- There are many claims for products being green that are no more green than the hot air that some marketing people blow.  Faux Green/Real Green points out some of the humorous claims that have been made and helps you ask the right questions before you are taken in.

Then there will be a book of stories inspired by stories his father told. It has been outlined and there are many notes, but no work is being done on it at the moment.

A Corporate Book of Stories confirms that the cartoon strip Dilbertis accurate. These will not be available until after 2020. That is if Herb slows down on all of his trips to Haiti.

Kayaking – With the interest that has been shown in Herb’s Texas Nature Kayaking Guides, he is being pushed to put Nature Kayaking in front of several other title he is working on and publish it in late 2019.

Failing My Way To Success – Jack Canfield told Herb that to be successful he needed to list 100 of his successes and read them over on a regular basis to motivate him to further successes. Being contrary, Herb listed 300 of his failures. He then fleshed out a few of them and added what he learned and the successes they followed. He posted a few as blogs. He was scheduled to be an expert witness in a trial in 2016. The opposition counsel (not referred to as the enemy) in trying to discredited him characterized him as a money-grubbing, devious, double-dealing individual who wants to force substandard products on the public. In reading his pleadings to the court, Herb has a hard time keeping a straight face. The judge’s only comment was, “I want to hear this man.” Think of the PR that can be generated by the attorney’s pleadings? With that kind of PR, a series known as Failing My Way To Success must be written.

Herb has found that working for himself is much harder than working in the corporate world, because when he does not accomplish his goals, he has no one to blame but himself.  While working in the corporate world, he had 2 hours driving to and from work and 8 hours working, for a total work day of 10 hours.  Now he walks to work by descending to his office which is located under his home.  (He is constantly told that it is impossible to have a basement where he lives, so his office must be in a cave.)  He gets his exercise when the cell phone rings.  Since it does not work in his cave, he leaves it at the top of the stairs and dashes up the stairs when it rings and then wrings his hands if he does not make it in time. With consulting, taking people kayaking, and writing, he normally puts in a 14-hour day and has a ball doing it.

With all of the time he spends in Haiti, he has cut back on taking people kayaking.

Since he is getting older, he has cut back to working only 13 hours per day.




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