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Life lessons are important, and currently we have three books in that category, Animals I Have Hated, Tales of Leviathan, and Failing My Way to Success – Volume I.

The devotion series could fit into this category, but we are keeping it separate.

The same holds true with the cancer books.

Failing My Way to Success – Vol. I

By Herb Nordmeyer

I blame this book on Jack Canfield. He told me that if I wanted to be a success, I should list 100 successes, so I could be motivated to be more successful. Since I am contrary, I listed 300 failures. Then I fleshed them out and added what I learned and how they led to successes. A few had to be eliminated since I did not learn anything from those failures, or I did not use them to bring any success to my life.

This was a fun project which helped me unwind from some of my other activities, such as working in the slums of Haiti and trying to convince a client that it would be cheaper to tear down a building and start over rather than adding patches which would not correct the structural problems.

A few have been published as blogs. After an attorney tried to discredit me as an expert witness with one of them (The Madam of Camargo), I was pushed to publish.

Volume I starts when I was a child. The 6th story covers when I was beaten by a Border Patrol agent (I deserved it). Then gets into my schooling through high school.

There are many stories of bullying and of not having the ability to function like classmates. My 4th grade teacher determined that I would never be able to write a complete sentence or a paragraph. (I have now written a number of books.) Making a 60 on an IQ test just proved that I had (or was) a problem. The book ends with a major fire where I was assistant to the head of research and development for a small, but very innovative company.

Our goal with this book and with the series to follow is to inspire those who have suffered failures to get up, dust themselves off, and apply what they learned from their mistake. What holds many people back is they take their failures and make pets out of them.

If you have a child who has been bullied or has any learning disabilities, this book will encourage them to move past those problems.

If you are older, you may be like a senior citizen who wrote that a draft of the book got him into trouble. He kept laughing while his wife was trying to sleep.

The cover and illustrations were created by Deborah M. Salinas. Her illustrations dig right into the heart of each story.

Comments by Reviewers:

I am currently reading the book entitled, Failing My Way to Success. The writer, Mr. Herb Nordmeyer, is one of those unique people with sparkling eyes of wonder for the world which see the little things as well as the big and beautiful things of God’s creation. Here Mr. Nordmeyer winsomely, and humbly, speaks of his failures and how God used them to bring him successes. I highly recommend this book to one and all, for both its wisdom, humorous content, and its Christian slant. It may be purchased on Amazon.

Posted on Facebook by a pastor from North Dakota

Publishing Plans

Our goal is to publish a book every nine months. Failing My Way to Success – Volume II has been drafted and about 50% of the illustrations are complete. We are aiming at a September 2019 publication date.

Failing My Way to Success – Volume III has been outlined and some of the stories drafted.

Additional volumes of Failing My Way to Success have been conceptualized.

Animals I Have Hated

By: Herb Nordmeyer

Animals I Have Hated is a collection of humorous animal stories and the life lessons they taught me.

Robert Fulghum wrote All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I never had the opportunity to go to kindergarten. In fact, I was nearly seven years old when I started first grade. As a result, I had to look elsewhere to learn what I needed to know to get along in life. Most of life’s important lessons I learned from animals, either directly from them or from stories my mother told about animals she had encountered. This is a collection of those life lessons. Some are humorous. Some will make you cry. Some, such as the mama cat nursing a baby jackrabbit, will make you do both. All are included because they taught me something.

The book is illustrated by Deborah M. Salinas and two of her students.

Animals I Have Hated was published February 2012. It is available from

Comments by Reviewers:

When I started reading a prepublication copy of Animals I Have Hated, I was transported back to when Herb Nordmeyer, a master storyteller, was being taught life lessons, as his mother illustrated points by telling about animals she had known. It renewed my appreciation of all of God’s creatures, humans included.

C. C. from Texas

The book is howl-arious.

Jeanine from Austin 

Tales of Leviathan

Before he retired, Pastor Dan (The Rev. Dr. Daniel Mueller) would periodically preach a sermon that was a story about Pastor Emory. Pastor Emory is a small-town Lutheran pastor who deals with many of life’s issues. When the church was started, they wanted a unique name and finally settled on Leviathan Lutheran Church. After some prodding, Pastor Dan collected these stories into a book entitled Tales of Leviathan. He, his editor, his cover designer, and Nordmeyer, LLC, are all donating their time, and all profits are going for mission projects supported by Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, San Antonio, Texas.

Tales of Leviathan is a collection of 16 stories and is a whale of a tale.

Herb Nordmeyer states that he has listened to Pastor Dan’s sermons for over 15 years and has yet to hear him preach about money, so Herb has concluded that Pastor Dan is not a typical pastor.

You can obtain a copy of this book from

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