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Herb Nordmeyer – Author

Herb Nordmeyer is an accomplished storyteller. His stories will make you laugh even as they tug at your heartstrings.

Books Herb has published are listed here. Click on the appropriate tab to find out more about them and to find the hyperlink to where they can be purchased.

Herb dreamed of being a writer, but his elementary school teachers told him that he would never be able to craft a decent sentence. Consequently, Herb explored sever-al other career paths while he wrote part-time. His editors told him not to give up his day job.

During November 1941, as Japanese diplomats were talking peace in Washington and their military was preparing to attack Pearl Harbor, a decision was made to dis-patch Herb to the United States. His specific assignment would be in Texas, even though he was not yet fluent in English. We will leave Herb’s wartime activities to your imagination. It is enough to know that he survived with only a few scars. He kept such a low profile that only a few people knew he was in Texas during that time.

After the war, Herb remained in Texas and began to speak passable English. By 1947, he was actively pursuing his dream of becoming a test pilot for a prototype aircraft. On June 23 of that year, his career suddenly ended. The complete story of Herb’s days as a test pilot will be available in the children’s e-book, The Last Flight of the X-SP-13-5-D.

Since so many people were writing what Herb considered to be fiction and placing it in nonfiction books, Herb decided to set the record straight. When he was in his late 30s, Herb began to collect his own stories for publication. His siblings were justifiably furious when they reviewed a draft copy of his first book, because they thought he was picking on them. That book was privately published, and only a few copies remain in existence. Herb updated the original book and expanded it. In 2012, it was republished as Animals I Have Hated – Howl-arious Life Lessons Taught by Animals. The book is a collection of true and often humorous animal stories that are interwoven with life lessons.

Herb began writing devotions for a church publication in 1996. It only took a few years before he was in charge of the devotion writing team. His wife, Judy, edited everything Herb wrote before anyone else saw it, so others concluded that his writing was improving.

Then cancer moved into their home and set up housekeeping, so Herb and Judy started writing devotions about cancer. They have published two booklets related to living with cancer. Those booklets are titled We Heard the Wings of Angels and Cancer–An Intense House Guest. In 2013, Herb and Judy combined the booklets into an e-book titled Living with Cancer–That Intense House Guest.

When Herb retired from corporate America, he divided his time between consulting, leading wilderness kayaking tours, and writing serious books with a sense of humor.

In 2012, Herb published The Stucco Book – The Basics. Even if Herb was not already known as a leading authority in the field of stucco, this book would have established him as one. Additional stucco books were planned, but Herb was pushed into a trip to Haiti. Complications from that trip have seriously delayed further stucco books.

Mentoring his granddaughters is also a vital part of Herb’s lifework. His grand-daughters ask Herb questions, and he answers them, no matter how difficult those questions might be. This has resulted in Grandpa, Help! – Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents and an eBook – Grandpa, Help! – Dating.

After one of his granddaughters taught him how to be a grandparent, they wrote Grandpa Helps Grandparents.

In September of 2013, Herb was pushed into going to Haiti for a one-week mission trip. While on that trip he was asked to find or develop technology so the poorest of poor in Haiti could build disaster-resistant homes for a material cost of not more than $1,000 US. He was back in Haiti in November of that year and has been to Haiti 4 to 6 times each year since.

All the trips to Haiti interfered with Herb taking people on wilderness kayaking trips so he has gotten down to just having his eight favorite kayaks.

This led to Homes for Jubilee (Jubilee is one of the worst slums in Haiti), Kay pou Jubilee, the Haitian Creole version, Quality Concrete from Crap and Kalite Beton Kaka. It also led him to develop and teach an intense 5-day course in designing and building disaster-resistant homes. In October 2018, four instructors finished their training and were certified to teach the course.

When not doing anything else, Herb works on a series of books – Failing My Way to Success. The first volume was published very late December, 2018 (read January, 2019). In the first volume Herb mentions failing an IQ test. He made a 60 and was moved to the slow learner class. He also explains why he has never posted any degree higher than his 8th grade diploma on his office wall.

A Little More about Herb

As a final note, it is helpful to recognize that when Herb writes, he always tells the truth; however, he sometimes allows the clarifying details to emerge slowly. For example, Herb’s dispatch to Texas was in fact his birth in November 1941, and his brief career as a test pilot took place at a very young age.

After all, Herb has been told that a writer’s biography should never be boring.


  1. Herb….good to hear from you. Hope all is well…I like the book idea from WWII. I’ll be in school until mid-April. Life is busy again…all are healthy…all are blessed.

  2. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  3. Herb, Thanks for the stucco book you got me though Helen. This is an excellent books. before you come down for further instruction to the haitian people please get me more copies to be distributed to more guys.

    Please sed me your email address so that we can be in touch. I am so excited to be able to work with you.

    Rev. benoit

  4. Herb,
    Thanks for sharing your Bio. You are truly a man of many talents. The Lord continues to Bless you. Looking forward to your continued guidance.
    May your kayak always tread water . . .

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