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Most comments this website receives are posted by robots. When Herb sees a comment on a page written in Haitian Creole which states that they enjoyed the blog and would like to help (sell us something), get the traffic it deserves, or show us inappropriate pictures, we suspect that it is posted by a robot.

As a result, most comments which are left on this website are deleted.
If you wish to make a comment or ask a question which we will take seriously, include the word “NordyBooks” or “Donkey” on the subject line.
If you would like a direct response, include your email address.

If you recently left a comment on Life Lessons and it has not appeared on the website there is a reason. One morning when Herb opened the website there were 285 comments waiting for his approval. Many had the words “porn.” “child porn,” “escort,” or similar words. In deleting them, he may have inadvertently deleted your message. If you were one of the few who sent a legitimate message, feel free to email him.