Reported problems with website

Several people have reported that the website is slow to load, that when they click to receive a notification when someone responds to their comment that they are getting 4 notifications per day, and we need more photos on the website. I forwarded these comments to my web consultant and she said that all of the comments were related to browser settings rather than to the website except for the lack of photos on the website.  Due to some malfunction on the website, I need to use File Transfer Protocol to upload photos and other documents. I keep forgetting how to use the FTP which means I have to look it up and refresh my memory. By the time my memory is refreshed, I have forgotten what I was going to do. Does that sound like I am an absent-minded professor?

I hope you are laughing by this time.

If you are not, try this. On Sunday, Aug. 31, a granddaughter and I held a luncheon seminar concerning the the Grandpa, Help! series. We got home from a teaching assignment in Haiti at about 10:30 on Saturday night. We opened the seminar with a discussion as to which of us was going to stay awake during the seminar. Actually we both stayed awake, and it was an excellent seminar, but we did not have the energy we usually have in front of a group.


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