Kay pou Jubilee

Most of my time, for the past year has been spent in writing and developing the technology behind Kay pou Jubilee. That is the Haitian Creole book (Homes for Jubilee) concerning building disaster resistant homes for the worst slum in Haiti at a material cost of $3000. US, and teaching the residents of that slum to build them. An Architect for the Haiti Federal Government has writing the introduction.

We have received inquiries concerning translating the book to Spanish.

We published it in English and use the book to help with fund raising. You can learn a little more, go to www.HelpHaitiBuild.com


About Herb

Both of Herb's parents were story tellers, so it was only natural that he became a story teller. Whether he was leading a Bible Class, teaching a continuing eduction class to engineers or architects, or discussing where to go kayaking, every conversation was punctuated with a story or two. When he retired from the corporate world, he had 44 writing projects lined up. While everyone thinks their project is the most important, Herb is trying to prioritize based on some rationale that even he probably does not understand. When not writing, he is consulting, leading kayakers on nature kayak cruises, or volunteering at his church.
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