Grandpa Helps Grandparents

The print edition of Grandpa Helps Grandparents was released on Wednesday, July 2. picked it up today. Following in information about the book:


Over two dozen young ladies have adopted Herb Nordmeyer as their grandpa, so he must know something about bonding with grandchildren. Sylvia Scheid is one of those young ladies, and when Herb expressed that he could not write a book on the subject because he did not know what he did to cause the young ladies to adopt him, Sylvia took both of his hands, looked at him and said, “Grandpa, I will mentor you on how to be a grandpa.”

Herb and Sylvia took the grandparent / granddaughter relationship they have, and the grandparent / granddaughter relationships Herb has with his other granddaughters, and they developed an easy-to-read book, Grandpa Helps Grandparents, loaded with advice which will help grandparents bond with their grandchildren. Herb gives advice by telling of the mistakes he has made. The book, even though crammed with good advice, is a delight to read. The companion volumes, the Grandpa, Help! series, are aimed at young ladies and are just as delightful.

Among his friends, Herb Nordmeyer’s sage advice and ability to teach life lessons through storytelling have earned him the title of the “Garrison Keillor of Texas.” Reading Grandpa Helps Grandparents will have you chuckling at Herb’s dry humor while profiting from his practical wisdom.

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