Grandpa Help! has won a Bronze Metal at the Global EBook Awards

On Saturday evening, August 17, 2013, my granddaughters and I were notified that our book, Grandpa, Help! – Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents has won a Bronze Metal for the category of Teen Literature – Non Fiction.

We just completed the writing of the second volume in the series, Grandpa, Help! – Dating. As soon as we are through editing and formatting it will be published as an ebook.  Meanwhile we have Grandpa Helps Grandparents outlined. This book will help grandparents connect to their teenage grandchildren.


About Herb

Both of Herb's parents were story tellers, so it was only natural that he became a story teller. Whether he was leading a Bible Class, teaching a continuing eduction class to engineers or architects, or discussing where to go kayaking, every conversation was punctuated with a story or two. When he retired from the corporate world, he had 44 writing projects lined up. While everyone thinks their project is the most important, Herb is trying to prioritize based on some rationale that even he probably does not understand. When not writing, he is consulting, leading kayakers on nature kayak cruises, or volunteering at his church.
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