Failing My Way to Success

Several years ago I started writing a few blogs about failing my way to success. This started after Jack Canfield told me that if I wanted to be successful that I needed to list 100 successes, no matter how small, and review them on a regular basis. I am contrary.
This is a project which is low on my priority list since I am spending much of my time in Haiti teaching how to build disaster-resistant housing. When I need a break, I dig out Failing rather than go fishing.
Currently Volume I with about 60 blogs is with my illustrator. she is working on the cover. We do not have a publication date, but will probably be before Christmas. Kalite Beton Kaka (Haitian Creole) is higher on the priority list and is scheduled for publication in September.
Volume II has been written and has some of the illustrations. It might be ready for publication during the spring of 2019.

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