Don’t you love spam?

Due to the high volume of spam we have received during the past two days, we have suspended the ability of people to comment.  This is an indication that is becoming popular.  One comment included:  You are my asperation.   Should this give us a warm fuzzy feeling?

After a few problems are resolved, the comment feature will be reactivated.  Meanwhile, if you want to contact us, go to the Contact Us tab on the menu and you will find my e-mail address.

The Stucco Book – The Basics has been published.

Animals I Have Hated is within two weeks of being published.

We have printed the Spanish version of the 2012 Lent Devotion Booklet.  If you would like a copy, e-mail me and I will send you a PDF.

We finished up the English version of the 2012 Lent Devotion Booklet and will be converting it to a PDF within the next few days.  At that point it will be posted on this site and on the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church website.

We helping our pastor with a book he is writing, Tales of Leviathan.  The book consists of 16 stories about a fictitious small town pastor.  It should be published before Easter and all profits from the sale of the book will go to fund mission projects at Shepherd of the Hills.

On Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012, the devotion writers of Shepherd of the Hills will be hosting a devotion writers’ workshop.

As you see, I do not have time to deal with SPAM today.

Have a great day.

The Late (because I have been dealing with SPAM today) – Grate (because of my grating personality when dealing with SPAM) Herb Nordmeyer


About Herb

Both of Herb's parents were story tellers, so it was only natural that he became a story teller. Whether he was leading a Bible Class, teaching a continuing eduction class to engineers or architects, or discussing where to go kayaking, every conversation was punctuated with a story or two. When he retired from the corporate world, he had 44 writing projects lined up. While everyone thinks their project is the most important, Herb is trying to prioritize based on some rationale that even he probably does not understand. When not writing, he is consulting, leading kayakers on nature kayak cruises, or volunteering at his church.
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