Grandpa Help! has won a Bronze Metal at the Global EBook Awards

On Saturday evening, August 17, 2013, my granddaughters and I were notified that our book, Grandpa, Help! – Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents has won a Bronze Metal for the category of Teen Literature – Non Fiction.

We just completed the writing of the second volume in the series, Grandpa, Help! – Dating. As soon as we are through editing and formatting it will be published as an ebook.  Meanwhile we have Grandpa Helps Grandparents outlined. This book will help grandparents connect to their teenage grandchildren. Has Been Launched

We have launched a website aimed directly at promoting our series of books – GrandpaHelp – Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents.

Currently we are posting one blog per week and we are looking for guest bloggers who either understands the needs of granddaughters or who understand how to build a strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

We have also launched a FaceBook page, and as of July 30 had about 500 likes.

Currently Volume 1 is available as an ebook on Amazon.  We are working on Volume 2.  Volumes 3 through 11 have been outlined.

Grandpa Helps Grandparents has also been outlined.

Now, my granddaughters need to keep after me to ensure that we publish on a timely basis.


Living With Cancer – That Intense Houseguest

Writing a book about cancer was not one of goals Judy and I had, but life got in the way and it happened. Last week I uploaded Living with Cancer – That Intense Houseguest to, but the internal links did not work. Today, after removing all of the links and reinserting them, I re-uploaded the ebook.  The internal links are now working correctly. Go to: to download your copy.

Living with Cancer – That Intense Houseguest is a combination of the print booklets – We Heard the Wings of Angels (originally published in 1999 and Cancer – An Intense House Guest (we will not go into the reason House Guest is spelled two different ways) (originally published in 2008). Both booklets have been very popular and have been available as print booklets and as digital files for a number of years.

Has Cancer come barging into your home or into a friend’s home and set up housekeeping? If so, you need a copy of Living with Cancer – That Intense Houseguest. If you cannot afford Free, I will let you have it at half of Free which is still Free.

The ebook is also available from Amazon-Kindle, but they have a $0.99 price on it. As soon as their system identifies the SmashWord’s price, they will match it.

FaceBook Page for Animals I Have Hated

We have set up a FaceBook page for Animals I Have Hated.

Animals I Have Hated started of as stories with life lessons my mother told. Then I added a few. Then I talked to an art teacher who enlisted the help of two of her middle school students to provide art work and Animals I Have Hated became a reality.  The name comes from my mother. She stated that if she ever wrote a book she would call it Animals I Have Hated.


Progress and e-books

We continue to write on The Stucco Book-Forensics and Repairs, but we have this little problem.  People who have read The Basics want me to come and give them a hand.  How can I turn them down? Added to that, we are getting ready to publish a series of 30 to 60 page e-books withKindle Direct.

Two of my granddaughters and I are in the process of writing Grandpa Sez – Advice to Young Ladies.  They are high school aged and have lots of questions. Then, I have what some people call a weird way of looking at life that they seem to appreciate.  Hopefully some of the 7 million high school girls in the US will appreciate my way of looking at life.

An E-Book will appear

Herb has focused on getting print books publshed and distruibuted.  He is now working on e-books.  The first e-book will be a combination of We Heard the Wings of Angels and Cancer-An Intense House Guest.  The reason for it being first is that a number of people have asked for it and also because it will be a simple book to publish as an e-book.

After the e-book publishing bugs have been worked out (they would get worked out much faster if Herb’s granddaughter quit school and came and did his work for him) he will e-publish Animals I Have HatedTales of Leviathan will follow.  While doing this, his construction clients insist that he cannot miss the print publication date of The Stucco Book-Forensics & Repairs.

If you want to comment on this post, please send me an e-mail.

Publication Update


The Stucco Book – The Basics was published on Feb. 2, and is available from this website for $25.00 plus shipping.   Sylvia Scheid published a review on the Mortar Sprayer website.  The book is also available from the Mortar Sprayer website.  Books A Million has it on their web site for just a little more. and are currently having a price war so you can get it from them for a little less.

Animals I Have Hated was published on Feb. 24, and is available from this website for $15.00 plus shipping.  Books A Million has it on their web site for just a little more. and are currently having a price war so you can get it from them for a little less.  This book is being converted to e-book formats.

Tales of Leviathan was published on Mar. 2 and is available from this website for $15.00 plus shipping. It is also available from Books A Million, and Amazon.  All profits from this book are going to Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church to support missions.  Cover design, cover photo, editing, and copy editing editing were all donated so there is more available for missions.  One of those mission is a trip with Food for the Poor to Haiti during the summer of 2012.  This book will be converted to e-book formats.



Don’t you love spam?

Due to the high volume of spam we have received during the past two days, we have suspended the ability of people to comment.  This is an indication that is becoming popular.  One comment included:  You are my asperation.   Should this give us a warm fuzzy feeling?

After a few problems are resolved, the comment feature will be reactivated.  Meanwhile, if you want to contact us, go to the Contact Us tab on the menu and you will find my e-mail address.

The Stucco Book – The Basics has been published.

Animals I Have Hated is within two weeks of being published.

We have printed the Spanish version of the 2012 Lent Devotion Booklet.  If you would like a copy, e-mail me and I will send you a PDF.

We finished up the English version of the 2012 Lent Devotion Booklet and will be converting it to a PDF within the next few days.  At that point it will be posted on this site and on the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church website.

We helping our pastor with a book he is writing, Tales of Leviathan.  The book consists of 16 stories about a fictitious small town pastor.  It should be published before Easter and all profits from the sale of the book will go to fund mission projects at Shepherd of the Hills.

On Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012, the devotion writers of Shepherd of the Hills will be hosting a devotion writers’ workshop.

As you see, I do not have time to deal with SPAM today.

Have a great day.

The Late (because I have been dealing with SPAM today) – Grate (because of my grating personality when dealing with SPAM) Herb Nordmeyer


The Stucco Book-The Basics has been published

On Feb. 4, I approved The Stucco Book-The Basics for printing .  It should be listed with Ingram Distributing and with within a few days.  B& has been taking orders for the past week in anticipation of the book becoming available.  List price is $25.00.


Publication Date

The Stucco Book-The Basics will be published on Feb. 15, 2012, and will be available from and from .  If you are coming to the Concrete Decor/Green Connection show in San Antonio, TX, Feb. 22-24, 2012, I will be autographing copies at the MortarSprayer booth (No. 1307).

Animals I Have Hated is running about one week later and will be available from