Book Signing

On April 6, 2019, Herb Nordmeyer will be at the Main San Antonio Library signing books during the San Antonio Book Fest. He will be at the Texas Writer’s League booth between 12 noon and 12:45. Come past and say hello. is being updated.

With not having the ability to say “NO!” in a loud enough voice to be understood, Herb has one or to buckets of material beyond a full plate. As a result the websites get forgotten. Over the past week Herb has been updating the website. Words are taken care of, and now he needs to start selecting photos to add to the website.

As soon as that is done, he needs to start doing the same on the Help Haiti Build website.

Failing My Way to Success

Several years ago I started writing a few blogs about failing my way to success. This started after Jack Canfield told me that if I wanted to be successful that I needed to list 100 successes, no matter how small, and review them on a regular basis. I am contrary.
This is a project which is low on my priority list since I am spending much of my time in Haiti teaching how to build disaster-resistant housing. When I need a break, I dig out Failing rather than go fishing.
Currently Volume I with about 60 blogs is with my illustrator. she is working on the cover. We do not have a publication date, but will probably be before Christmas. Kalite Beton Kaka (Haitian Creole) is higher on the priority list and is scheduled for publication in September.
Volume II has been written and has some of the illustrations. It might be ready for publication during the spring of 2019.

Quality Concrete from Crap

In working in Haiti, it became clear that one could not build a concrete building with the raw materials and technology available. Well, let me rephrase that, could not build a concrete building which would hold up to gale force winds. Gale force winds are much calmer than Hurricane force.

This started Herb working on how to take the crap that was available and make it into quality concrete. This resulted in the publication of Quality Concrete from Crap in late December, 2017. We are working on the Haitian Creole edition and talking to people who are interested in translating it to other languages.

While my Haitian friends understand the title, a common comment made in the US is, “Does it stink?”  No it does not.

The start of the first chapter of Kay pou Jubilee

If you can read this, maybe you can help me proof the document.

Plan an

Defi a

Defi ki enposib la

Jubilee se youn nan bidonvil ki pi pòv an Ayiti epi se yon zonk i gen anpil vodou. Jiska twa denye lanne yo pat gen yon Legliz kretyèn nan zòn lan. Te vin genyen yon klinik pou je nan jubilee nan lanne 2012, moun ki rete nan zòn lan te mande pou kisa yo te mete klinik pou je sa a nan zòn lan. Repons lan te,”se Bondye ki vle nou fèl’’. Te vin gen yon pakèt diskisyon aprè sa, epi anpil lot ekip te vin vizite Jubilee. Kek nan moun ki rete nan zon lante deside ke se yon Legliz yon te bezwen, nan optik sa a te vin genyen yon Legliz Literyèn ki te bati nan Ri Lamatinyè. Legliz lan te gen yon twati ki te kouvri ak yon prela ble epi yon te trese fèy palmis pou yo te fè mi yo.

Si nap gade fondasyon an nan foto yon motre nou adwat la, nap wè ke yo gentan ap planifye pou yo agrandi Legliz la. Yo te vin fè yon pi gro batiman pou Legliz la an Avril 2014. Depi le sa a, pi gro batiman yon te bati pou Legliz lan pat sèvi sèlman pou fè Legliz, men yo te kon itlizeli tou kòm sant kominotè, yo te konn itilizeli pou yo fè klas pou moun ki tap aprann koud, kòm klinik medikal ak lòt aktivite ankò.

Nan lanne 2013, Pastè Benoit te bay Herb Nordmeyer yon defi pouli te jwenn oubyen devlope yon moyen pouli bati kay ki ka reziste kont dezas kote pri materyo yo pap depase 1.000, dola Ameriken. Lide a se te jwenn moun ki te rete nan zòn lan epi ki te propriyetè moso tèke yo tap viv sou li a epi yo tap ede yo bati yon kay ki ka reziste lè gen dezas. Teknik pou bati kay sa yo te dwe yon bagay kote se moun ki tap rete nan kay yo ki tap bati yo ak ed lidè ki foòme pou sa.

Kay pou Jubilee

Most of my time, for the past year has been spent in writing and developing the technology behind Kay pou Jubilee. That is the Haitian Creole book (Homes for Jubilee) concerning building disaster resistant homes for the worst slum in Haiti at a material cost of $3000. US, and teaching the residents of that slum to build them. An Architect for the Haiti Federal Government has writing the introduction.

We have received inquiries concerning translating the book to Spanish.

We published it in English and use the book to help with fund raising. You can learn a little more, go to


Reported problems with website

Several people have reported that the website is slow to load, that when they click to receive a notification when someone responds to their comment that they are getting 4 notifications per day, and we need more photos on the website. I forwarded these comments to my web consultant and she said that all of the comments were related to browser settings rather than to the website except for the lack of photos on the website.  Due to some malfunction on the website, I need to use File Transfer Protocol to upload photos and other documents. I keep forgetting how to use the FTP which means I have to look it up and refresh my memory. By the time my memory is refreshed, I have forgotten what I was going to do. Does that sound like I am an absent-minded professor?

I hope you are laughing by this time.

If you are not, try this. On Sunday, Aug. 31, a granddaughter and I held a luncheon seminar concerning the the Grandpa, Help! series. We got home from a teaching assignment in Haiti at about 10:30 on Saturday night. We opened the seminar with a discussion as to which of us was going to stay awake during the seminar. Actually we both stayed awake, and it was an excellent seminar, but we did not have the energy we usually have in front of a group.


Grandpa is running behind schedule

If I do not take responsibility for my actions, I do not have the ability to succeed. This is a message I share with my granddaughters on a regular basis. Recently this site was inundated with responses from robots because I allowed the comment box to remain open beyond my normal 7 day open time for responses.

I go to Haiti four times per year to teach. With the time spent preparing to go, the time spent in Haiti, and the time recovering from the trips, these trips take a substantial part of my time but they end up being substantial blessings to me. If you are not going out of your way to help others, I would encourage you to do so.

One of my granddaughters is going to join me on my next trip to Haiti because her father has determined that I need someone to take care of me. He is probably right. What he does not know is that several young ladies in Haiti have adopted me as their grandpa and keep an eye on me. There is also the team from Mission Haiti that takes good care of me.

We have Grandpa, Help! – Dating ready to post as an ebook, but I ran out of time before my last trip and have been trying to catch up ever since. Look for it showing up on within a week.

The print edition of Grandpa Helps Grandparents is being sold on and other on-line book sellers. The initial print run had an error in it. Some of the page numbers got eliminated and I did not notice it as I slept as I read the proof copy.  That has now been corrected. I apologize for sleeping on the job.

Recently I spent time with a psychiatrist who had read Grandpa, Help! – Answers.  He gave me a number of ideas concerning expanding the series. This gives me an reason to gather Paisly, Haleigh, and Sylvia around me for a conference to discuss where we are going with this series.

Within the past week, I received an email from a lady who recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She included a photo of her holding  a copy of Grandpa, Help! – Answers and a copy of   Grandpa Helps Grandparents. She loves them. If you want to send me photos of you reading the Grandpa books, I will see if I can talk one of my granddaughters into posting them on this website. If you would like to post them on your FaceBook page with a link to this website I would be thrilled. If you are sending them to me, you can use the email address   Grandpa at  Of course you know what editing needs to be done on that address.

Meanwhile I need to dust off my file transfer protocol to upload some photos. The easy way to transfer media to this site has not worked for the past year.

The Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer Book is coming along very well and The Stucco Book – Forensics & Repairs will probably not meet the December, 2014 projected publication date. Maybe Feb. 2015.

My support team in the US and in Haiti is helping on the forthcoming book Construction & Maintenance of Masonry Homes in Haiti. This is a revision and expansion of a book by Blondet for building earthquake resistant homes after the Peruvian earthquake. Our goal is to publish a book which modifies the indigenous Haitian building techniques as little as possible, yet results in earthquake-resistant construction.

If I learned to say, “NO!” I would not be behind schedule, but if I did, I would not be having so much fun.







Grandpa Helps Grandparents

The print edition of Grandpa Helps Grandparents was released on Wednesday, July 2. picked it up today. Following in information about the book:


Over two dozen young ladies have adopted Herb Nordmeyer as their grandpa, so he must know something about bonding with grandchildren. Sylvia Scheid is one of those young ladies, and when Herb expressed that he could not write a book on the subject because he did not know what he did to cause the young ladies to adopt him, Sylvia took both of his hands, looked at him and said, “Grandpa, I will mentor you on how to be a grandpa.”

Herb and Sylvia took the grandparent / granddaughter relationship they have, and the grandparent / granddaughter relationships Herb has with his other granddaughters, and they developed an easy-to-read book, Grandpa Helps Grandparents, loaded with advice which will help grandparents bond with their grandchildren. Herb gives advice by telling of the mistakes he has made. The book, even though crammed with good advice, is a delight to read. The companion volumes, the Grandpa, Help! series, are aimed at young ladies and are just as delightful.

Among his friends, Herb Nordmeyer’s sage advice and ability to teach life lessons through storytelling have earned him the title of the “Garrison Keillor of Texas.” Reading Grandpa Helps Grandparents will have you chuckling at Herb’s dry humor while profiting from his practical wisdom.

Grandpa, Help Update

We are not moving as fast as we planned. My only excuse is that life gets in the way.

We have Grandpa, Help! – Dating – formatted for ebook and we will publish as soon as we finish the cover.

We have Grandpa, Help! – Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents formatted as a print book and we will publish as soon as we finish the cover.

We have completed the first draft of Grandpa Helps Grandparents and one of Herb’s granddaughters is going over it. After that we will have about two weeks for editing, developing appropriate covers and then we will be publishing it as an e-book and a print book.

We are in the early stages of developing some audio chapters of the different books. When complete, they will be available as free downloads. You know nothing is free, so I might as well admit that there is a price. You will have to sign up for our mailing list on the web site