The Stucco Book – The Basics is coming together nicely.  If you would like to lean a little about my involvement in things stucco, you can view a page on the Mortar Sprayer website.

By January we should have an exact publication date for The Basics and will have links to where you can buy the book.   Currently I am torn between referring all sales enquiries to The Mortar Sprayer and to Amazon so I can concentrate on writing or to include ordering information on this website.

Herb Nordmeyer

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Nordy Books has links to books in a number of categories.  If you or a member of  your family has cancer, you will want to go to the Cancer link and download Cancer – An Intense House Guest, and We Heard the Wings of Angels (a booklet of 32 devotions written by and for those suffering with cancer).

Click on the menu tabs to learn about devotions, animal stories with life lessons, and stucco.  As we have time, there will be tabs for green construction and kayaking.