Faux Green

Faux Green/Real Green

By:  Herb Nordmeyer

Anticipated publication:  2018

Faux Green/Real Green is about 15% written and starts out with these words:

“I can plant bamboo and grow everything to build a home in just a few years, but I do not think I could convince my family to move into it; so even though it may be green by various standards, it is faux green.  This book is designed to ask questions and to get the reader to ask questions.  A lot of misinformation is out there.  A former vice president has claimed he lives in a green home.  It is a McMansion; and even though it is loaded with energy-saving devices and is built with low-impact materials, it is a major waste of resources, so it is faux green.  As you read each chapter, I hope you will develop a very skeptical attitude towards those who claim they are experts in green construction and green living.  Some of them are; but some, in their greed to sell their products, are as concerned about you as a rattlesnake whose tail you are standing on.”

Originally he planned to publish this book to be published in 2018, but with all of the work being done in Haiti, it will be delayed about 4 years.

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