Life Lessons

Life lessons are important and currently we have two books in that category, Tales of Leviathan and Animals I Have Hated.  The devotion series could fit into this category, but we are keeping it separate.  The same holds true with the cancer books.

Herb has been pushed to publish how his failures over the years have led to his successes. He has drafted enough for one book on the subject and his outline shows that there is enough information to draft two more books. The goal of the book will be to inspire those in high school and college who see problems in becoming successful to step up and be successful. In the Volume I you will learn how his 4th grade teacher told him that he would never be able to write a complete sentence. He now writes books. You will learn why his doctor told him he would never be able to pass a military physical. He did. You will learn how he got terminated because one of his students stuck a pistol in his ribs and stated he was going to shoot Herb. Note: If you are going to shoot someone, do it. Don’t talk about it.



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