Animals I Have Hated

by:  Herb Nordmeyer

Animals I Have Hated is a collection of humorous animal stories and the life lessons they taught me.

Robert Fulghum wrote All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I never had the opportunity to go to kindergarten. In fact, I was nearly seven years old when I started first grade. As a result, I had to look elsewhere to learn what I needed to know to get along in life. Most of life’s important lessons I learned from animals, either directly from them or from stories my mother told about animals she had encountered. This is a collection of those life lessons. Some are humorous. Some will make you cry. Some, such as the mama cat nursing a baby jackrabbit, will make you do both. All are included because they taught me something.

Animals I Have Hated was published February,  2012.  It is available from and,

Comments by Reviewers:

When I started reading a prepublication copy of Animals I Have Hated, I was transported back to when Herb Nordmeyer, a master storyteller, was being taught life lessons, as his mother illustrated points by telling about animals she had known.  It renewed my appreciation of all of God’s creatures, humans included.
C. C. from Texas

The book is howl-arious.
Jeanine from Austin 



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