Cancer came knocking at our door and and then moved in to stay for a while.  Out of it came a booklet of 32 devotions by and for cancer patients and their families.  We have given away many copies.  We have furnished print masters for people who wanted to print and distribute copies.  We have added a link below so you can download the booklet directly from this site.

We Heard The Wings of Angels

Edited by Judy and Herb Nordmeyer

Published 1999

We thought we were through with cancer when we were asked to give a 45-minute seminar to a group of Stephen Ministers.  These are lay people who are trained to help people with problems.  Our notes for the seminar ended up becoming another booklet.  I

Cancer–An Intense House Guest

A practical guide for living with cancer

By Judy and Herb Nordmeyer

Published 2008

Living with Cancer–That Intense Houseguest

We have combined the two booklets and they are available from for $0.99 and from at, in a number of different formats, for free. The title of the combined booklet is Living With Cancer, That Intense House Guest .

Conquering Cancer Through Faith In Christ 

Recently Pastor Kath, an cancer survivor, contacted me about his book concerning cancer.  You can see it and other books he has written at his website –

You can purchase his book at  –

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