Herb Nordmeyer bought his first kayak because he wanted to fish where power boats could not go.  Soon he introduced a young lady to kayaking and found that he got more enjoyment from introducing people to kayaking then he got from catching fish.  Soon a second and third kayak joined his fleet.  He became a certified American Canoe Association instructor.  When he was laid off due to the economic down turn, he set up a kayak guiding service.  He found most of the books written about kayaking concern white-water kayaking and sea kayaking.  He is squarely in the middle of that portion of recreational kayaking called nature kayaking.  He takes people on 4 and 5 hour trips to bird watch, explore nature, etc. and he takes them on wilderness camping trips.  The majority of his clients are ladies who are between 50 and 75.

He is currently working on a book.  In that book he will tell about getting chewed out by a newbie canoer on the Guadalupe River.  She was not part of his group, but she and her husband sank their canoe and were standing in it.  She had tied her cocker spanial to the canoe so it would not jump out of the canoe.  The dog was struggling to reach the surface and could not quite make it. Herb tried to get them to step out of their canoe, but they would not, so he ended up cutting the leash to save the dog.  That is when the tongue-lashing began. He then got the couple out of the river, rescued their canoe, emptied their canoe, and got them back into it.  All the while the lady chewed on him for cutting her $5.00 leash.  She never thanked him for rescuing her dog.

Nature Kayaking was originally scheduled for publication in 2019. With all of the time Herb spends in Haiti, that publication date has been delayed at least 4 years.

July 28, 2018 update – Herb actually went kayaking twice in 2018. A friend ordered him to take time off and go kayaking. When he asked if she was inviting herself she said, “YES!” What could Herb do but take her kayaking?

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