Before he retired, periodically Pastor Dan (The Rev. Dr. Daniel Mueller) would preach a sermon that was a story about Pastor Emory.  Pastor Emory is a small town Lutheran pastor who deals with many of life’s issues.  When the church was started they wanted a unique name and finally settled on Leviathan Lutheran Church.  After some prodding, Pastor Dan collected these stories into a book entitled Tales of Leviathan.  He, his editor, his cover designer, and Nordmeyer, LLC are all donating their time and all profits are going for mission projects supported by Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.  Shepherd of the Hills has sent teams to China, and Poland to teach English as a second language.  Currently we have an on going project of teaching Nepalese refuges in San Antonio English.  This summer there will be a team going to Haiti to support Food For Hope. Since that first mission trip to Haiti, SHLC has been sending a mission team to Haiti on a yearly basis.

Herb Nordmeyer states that he has listened to Pastor Dan’s sermons for over 15 years and has yet to hear him preach about money, so Herb has concluded that Pastor Dan is not a typical pastor.

You can obtain a copy of this book if you go to Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio or you can order it from any of the major on-line book sellers.

Tales of Leviathan

 a collection of 16 stories – a whale of a tale

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